Dec 30, 2016 – Local Guide : Bangkok Journey


Dec 30, 16 the tour is started 6:00am. We had a chance to see the monks asked for alms. I and Tiff bought some food and offered to the monks. We then walked to the fresh market, saw a lot of morning activities. We bought traditionap Thai dessert, sticky rice with sweet egg on top and fish on top. In Thai it is ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา และหน้าปลาแห้ง. We walked to Loha Prasart and the Golden mountain. We still have time so we went to see the golden Buddha image. At this time, it was nearly new year then we went to donate our money and make a wish. We walked to China town to see morning activities there. The weather was so nice today. We took a free bus to visit outside Grand palace and the pillar of Bangkok shrine. Finally, we walked to the hostel. I sent Tiff to go to DonMuang Airport on 10:15AM. She arrived the airport and took foot massage.
I went to see the restaurant that open in the morning, had food, walked around. I went to Wat Borwornnives. This temple is very beautiful because the mix architecture between Thai and Chinese style. If you have a chance you should plan to visit.
My work was done for today.


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