Nov 13, 2016 – Local Guide : Bangkok Journey


Second time. What is going on?
I realized that going to 12nd floor of Bangkok Center Hotel is nothing. We should go directly to Wat Trai mit. The real gold of Buddha image is here. With weight 5.5 ton, to move him up to the top floor of senctury is not easy. The engineer is very claver. He built this image to 9 parts and keep the key under the head.

When I take a look his face he is smiling. From Wat Trai mit we went to China town then flower market. We walked cross the memrial bridge to Wat Pra yoon. Then we stopped at local restaurant to eat pad thai. The teaste is ok, not bad and not good. We walk to Wat Pho and visit the reclining buddha. Then we took a tuk tuk to Wat Sri ked to climb up to Golden Mountain.

Finally we go back to down town by long tail boat. We passed Jim Thomson House and Museum. My customer will come back later.

We say good by a Ploenjit Station. She is very lovely girl.

See the view that I took along to walk way.



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