Nov 12, 2016 – Local Guide : Bangkok Journey


Today was a big day for me and my customers. I started the tour by pick up them from Hotel State tower. We took a bus number 1 go directly to Wat traimit. Later we took a free bus number 53 to China town. We stopped at Wat Chakrawad. We went to flower market. We went to by Green tea with ice (ชาพะยอม รสชาด ok ลูกค้าชอบ). Next we go Wat Prayoon. We went into the pagoda and practice to respect to Load Buddha. We took a tuk tuk to Wat Don. They really liked it. Have a fresh air. From hear we used boat to cross Chow Pra Ya river. Then we had chance to visit Wat Pra Keaw. We went through with no doubt. Next we went to Wat Po to visit reclining Buddha. We had lunch very late lunch opposite the exit gate of Wat Pho. We took tuk tuk to Golden Mountain. We were excited to clime up. We were tired. Later we took a long tail boat to Sapan Hou Chang. We took a BTS from National Stadium back to the hotel. Amazing journey with lovely customers, big and good day for me. 18.xx km today.

See good view.



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