Dec 26, 2016 – Local Guide : Bangkok Journey


Dec 26, 2016 – Meet new friends, KIM and ANN from USA. Both of them work in SEA. They spend times travel all over Asia together. Thailand is one of their target. Today we have bike tour, starting from bangrak (I just talk to my friend. She once stayed here when she was young.) and back by boat to the same place to return the bike.
When we reached China Market we found many people. They came here to buy stuff for new year celebration. It was not easy to ride pass the crowd. But we actually did it.
We went to have ice cream with frozen chestnut. It is delicious. After enjoy eating we went to Wat Chakrawad.
We did go to flower market and ride cross memorial bridge to see nice view of Chow Pra Ya river.
We drove to the park, village, temples and shrine.
We end up the tour with Thai style papaya salad and grilled pork.

Fun and Full at the same time.

I hope all of you that read this note find the job that has both fun and full like me.

PS. I wore agile tour polo.


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