Dec 18, 2016 – Local Guide : Bangkok Journel


Today was one of the most amazing day in my life. I have a good chance to be tour guide of a family from London. They are very lovely, kind and really liked Bangkok and Thai food. They told me that there are lot of Thai restaurants in London but not like in Bangkok.
We walked today 15 kilometers. We went to see the golden Buddha, the most beautiful image in Thailand or in the world (may be). We walked pass the Chinese market street. It was very crowned because of long weekend. Wat Prayoon is very nice today. I think one reason was the weather. We enjoyed the nice winter together. I bought rose bouquet for the whole family as welcome gift from flower market. We went to Wat Pho, the first university of Thai massage. We should go there one day to study. Our guests liked to ride Tuk Tuk. It was one of amazing experience when you come to Bangkok, Thailand.
Wat Sa ked was the next stop before we end up the tour. I climbed up the fifth times. To go to the city part we took a long tail boat on the water-distribution canal. The alternative way of travel in Bangkok. Don’t miss it!!!!!
We then walk to Jim Thomson House and then go to have late lunch at Siam Paragon.
My guests paid and gave me TIP too. It was the wonderful time. Enjoy late lunch, sticky rice with mango and then black jelly in syrup with ice.


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