Need a Local Guide: Tell me – Bangkok Highlight

I stayed in Bangkok for more than 30 years until today. One day I decided to study tour guide (English language base). This cause made me fall in love with my country. When I studied in deep of the stories I figured out that become Thailand was not easy. Our ancient leaders were very clever and had strategy to do it. They sacrificed themselves to make it happened.

Thai Guide is the career that allowed only Thai people do it. I studied this course from Assumption University. It took 6 months to complete the lecture. We had to travel from north, north-east, west, east and south all over Thailand. I really loved this course. To ensure that I can do it I had to pass the test both paper and real situation. The test was at the Grand palace and the temple of the emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Tri mit, and Rachadumnern Road. Finally, I passed the test and got the tour guide license. The license is valid for 5 years and I have to get the new one.

This year I started new career to become local guide. My customers come from all over the world. One thing that I need from them is they understand my English.

Bangkok is the big city and a current capital of Thailand. There are more than 10 million people here. It is the center of business, shopping, culture and others. The highlight places that you should visit when you come here are grand palace, the golden Buddha, the reclining Buddha, the golden mountain, the monument, and many more famous temples. The markets are China town, Pahirat and Pakkrong. The most attraction is Thai food both day and night.

If you want me to become your local guide please contact me through my email: or +66 99 962 4914.


See you

Ray Wannasuk


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